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Black Bellied Whistling Duck House
(24-1/4"d x 11"w x 15-1/2"d)  
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Bird Habitats  
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Ducks - Housing  
Often called 'Mexican ducks', Black Bellied Whistling Ducks require a larger opening than Wood Ducks do. Though, as Wood Ducks typically complete the nesting cycle before the Black Bellies arrive, you may well find this nest box used by both species in a single season. Mount on a tree or post over or near water. House has a wire ladder to help the ducklings climb out. A lower side guard protects the nest when the side is open for observation. Comes with wood chips as required for nesting material, which should be renewed each nesting cycle. As with all our nest boxes, the design includes appropriate ventilation, drainage and opens for easy clean-out. Sustainably grown 1" thick Eastern White Pine provides superior insullation. Hand crafted with pride in Maine  
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