Our Products

A unique range of products designed to suit the needs of a wide variety of species.

Since 1991, Coveside Conservation Products has manufactured a habitat for every species of cavity-nesting bird in North America, bats, bees, butterflies, and squirrels, as well as a complete assortment of feeders. 

The design and dimensions of all of our habitats are correct in every respect for each individual species, easy to clean, easy to mount, well-insulated, and provide for proper drainage. 

Each Coveside nesting box comes with a species-specific educational brochure and mounting instructions. Nest boxes for owls, ducks, woodpeckers, chickadees, and kestrels all come with the required wood chips.

Coveside's mission is to help support wildlife and to make people happy. All decisions here are made accordingly. The products we make represent over 20 years of evolution and refinement, as well as the insights and experience of a wide range of wildlife experts. 

All of our wildlife habitats and the majority of our feeders are crafted of custom-milled, sustainably-grown Eastern White Pine from a very selectively chosen mill in Maine. 

Robbins Lumber is a leader in responsible forestry management practices. They continually replant where they harvest, secure the soil from erosion and preserve wildlife habitats to ensure that a sixth generation of the Robbins family can depend on a healthy and productive forest.

Coveside takes pride in the products we produce. We are equally proud of the relationships we have developed with our customers over the last 25 years.