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Coveside Conservation

Convertible Bird House/Winter Roost

Convertible Bird House/Winter Roost

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Provide shelter throughout the year to several songbirds by adding this Coveside Convertible Bird House/Winter Roost to your yard. The unique design of this home allows it to be used as a nesting box in the summer, and quickly altered to an avian resting spot for the winter. Its classic, rectangular shape adds a familiar look to your bird garden, and the 1.5" diameter entry is sized for bluebirds and small woodpeckers. A slate predator guard is sourced from a century old roof in Maine and upcycled to surround the entry, preventing birds from enlarging it, and three dowels inside the home provide perching. During cold months, place the door panel so the entry is at the bottom of the shelter. This allows warm air to rise and remain inside the box, creating a cozy spot for songbirds to rest or take refuge from stormy conditions. Invert this panel and remove the perching rods during the summer, so bluebirds or woodpeckers can build a nest. The 0.75" thick, pine boards offer great insulation, and the downward sloping roof directs water away from the cavity. A metal hanger on the back of the abode assists in placing it on a wall, post, or tree, and the yellow hue of the pine accents nearby foliage. Turn your backyard into a haven for feathered friends throughout the year with this Convertible Bird House/Winter Roost. Made in the USA.

Opening: 1.5" dia.
Dimensions: 9"L x 6.5" to 7"W x 12.375"H
Mounting: post or tree mount
Construction: pine

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