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Coveside Conservation

Starling Resistant Flicker House

Starling Resistant Flicker House

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Prevent starlings from disrupting the home of flickers by placing this intuitive Coveside Starling Resistant Flicker House in your garden. This innovative home is designed to meet the needs of flickers, utilizing their natural tendencies to give them a comfortable roost. The shelter's front panel slants inward as it gets closer to the base, letting flickers climb it in the the same manner they would a tree. A helpful plexiglass shield rests inches away from the 2.5" diameter entrance hole, deterring starlings from flying directly into the nest while encouraging a flicker's natural climbing tendencies. Constructed of aged pine and sourced from a family owned mill using ecologically friendly forestry practices, this unit has a natural, rustic flair that will lend staunch durability to your birding efforts. The slanted roof features a significant overhang to protect the interior of the house from precipitation, while small gaps on either side of the home keep the internal temperature well regulated. Angled corners on the base panel offer drainage, allowing the roost to remain dry, and the deep design prevents predators from reaching the interior. The rough hewn pine gives nestlings a secure and steady grip when they venture outside of the nest. The front panel sports a small metal latch to keep it securely closed, and it can be lifted upward to allow easy nest checks and maintenance. The 0.75" thick pine provides insulation to the home, while the unfinished pine's light tone aids in keeping it cool during hot summer months. A bag of wood chips is included within the house to offer additional nesting material and heat retention. The natural pine will age to a charming gray color over time and with exposure to the elements, letting you enjoy variable beauty as this wonderful item enhances your landscaping. A metal hanger at the top of the back panel along with a predrilled hole near the base allow you to post or tree mount this helpful domicile in your yard with ease. Keep starlings away from flickers as they roost with the Starling Resistant Flicker House. Made in the USA.

Opening: 2.5" dia.
Dimensions: 14.75"L x 7.125"W x 16.625"H
Mounting: tree or post mount
Construction: pine, plexiglass


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